August 17, 2008

Ask Your Shara'e Question!

Ask Your Shara'i Questions!
Our scholars will answer your Questions as soon as possible.
(Insha Allah)

 Madina 1: Make Sure to fill complete & correct contact details.
 Madina 2:
On this Page, only questions about Fiqh are answered.
 Madina 3: Please Do not send us dummy requests!
 Madina 4:
Islami Brothers And Sisters asking Private questions please
 provide their valid contact Numbers.

 Madina 5:
Avoid asking questions regarding Taweezaat-o-Wazaif,
 personal or household problems, interpretation of dreams and health etc
 on this page as other services have been setup to answer those

 Madina 6:
For Making a Taweezaat-o-Wazaif Request Click > Here < .
 Madina 7:
For Making a Request Of Kaat Online Click > Here < .
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For Online Istikhara Click > Here < .
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 Shara'i Question

Your Questions Will be Reviewed by Dawateislami.Blog.Scholars
We Only Answer the Questions Related to Sharee'a


Anonymous said...

mujhe bahot khushi hui ke islaami
tareeqe se har etabar se logo ki hel karte hai

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