August 14, 2008

Last Sermon Of Ala Hazrat...

It is usually seen that a person who is about to die, talks of the thing he loves most. Somebody talks of throne. Somebody talks of wife, children, wealth or the like as the case may be. When at death-bed, A`lahazrat remembered and remembered the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa (Allah`s Grace and Peace be upon him). A little before his death, A`lahazrat delivered his last sermon to his brethren and followers. His last word of advice is the last proof of his lasting love with Holy Prophet (Allah`s Grace and Peace be upon him). A`lahazrat spoke: "Gentlemen, you are the simple and innocent sheep of Dear Mustafa (Allah`s Grace and Peace be upon him) and wolves are around you, They want to misguide you. They want to mislead you. They want to drag you to the hell with them. Beware of them. Be far from them. Holy Prophet (Allah`s Grace and Peace be upon him) is the Noor (Holy Light) of Allah Almighty, the Most Glorious as the Holy Qur`an declares. From the Noor of Holy Prophet (Allah`s Grace and Peace be upon him), Sahaba-i-Kram (Venerable Companions of Holy Prophet (Allah`s Grace and Peace be upon him) got enlightened. From Sahaba-i-Karam, Tabi`in got enlightened. From Tabi`in, Tabi`-tab`in got enlightened. From Tabi`-tab`in, leaders of Mujtahedin got enlightened and from them we got enlightened. Now we ask you to take this Noor from us. We need that you may be enlightened from us. That Noor is true love and respect of Allah Almighty and His Holy Prophet (Allah`s Grace and Peace be upon him), The service and respect of their friends and true enmity with their enemies. In whom-so-ever you find even a bit of insult towards Allah Almighty and His Holy Prophet (Allah`s Grace and Peace be upon him), be separated from him at once----no matter how so ever dear to you he may be."


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